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MARCH : A Love Song for My Friends

MARCH : A Love Song for My Friends

The 3rd installment on my 2021 Song-a-month series. Like all of my digital music - this song is yours for any price you want to pay for it - including nothing at all. you can download it at At this point, we are all closing in on a possible light at the end of this long tunnel of quarantine and distancing. i wanted to write something hopeful for this month - and the most obvious thing was the joy of being able to see friends again in real life, as opposed to a choppy zoom feed. i am an incredibly fortunate person in the regard that I am spoiled with an absolutely staggering amount of real friends who I love in deep and profound ways, and I've long since owed them a love song - so here it is. if you happen to be one of those people - I love you and I can't wait to see you again soon. But this is for friends everywhere who miss each other. Maybe send this song to someone you've been missing. nothing would make me happier. It's why i made it. Hang in there. It's almost over. LYRICS: A love song for my friends How long has it been? How much longer will it be? Until we throw down - In some remote part of town. Can’t come soon enough for me. We’re still a mess But you’re impeccably dressed And you’re still good enough for me. Spring is coming The wait is over Can we throw All this weight over now? Witness the sound Of all the walls coming down And the sunlight crashing in. It won’t be the same Until I’m yelling your name Over the crowded, bustling din. credits releases March 1, 2021 written, performed, produced, and mastered by Buck AE Down at Lanai Soundworks Studios, Pasadena, California March 2021 c+p 2021 All The Way Down Music (ASCAP)
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