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FREECycling PROGram

Look at all this stuff around you! We have reached a point when all of us are literally buried in a mountain of possessions. Some of them are important. Most of them are not, or maybe once were, but no longer are. Even our very relationships and data have become commodified in increasingly more evasive ways.


I believe you are SO MUCH MORE than your data, or your assets. You are the person that someone loves. You are the friend that was there when someone needed them the most. You are the architect of a thousand tiny miracles, many or which you may not have even been aware of. I am of the belief that what you give says a lot more about who you really are than what you have.


How would you like to declutter your life and help someone out at the same time? The Buck Down Quaranteam Freecycling Exchange is a place where we can post pictures of stuff we can part ways with that may be just the thing that someone else REALLY needs. It is an exercise in intentional gifting, mutual aid, and a high five from the hand of the really, really free market.


HOW IT WORKS: post a picture of a thing you no longer need and would be happy to see go to a good home. Then take a minute to scroll through other folks' pictures. Maybe that thing you REALLY need is in there. If you see it - contact its current owner and make arrangements for the exchange. 


For every successful exchange - I will send both parties a digital copy of either an unreleased song or frame-able original digital artwork.


DO I NEED TO GIVE SOMETHING TO GET SOMETHING? No. A gift is something given with no explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. Having said that - the more stuff you post - the better the exchange gets.


WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR MUSIC? Almost nothing! - other than the fact I am tossing in some of it as part of every certified exchange. It’s really just a chance for us to meet each other and be decent human beings and free up things to better homes.


HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT THAN NEXTDOOR / CRAIGSLIST ETC? Think of it as the difference between a thrift store and a cool second-hand store like Buffalo Exchange. Being that we are most likely intersectional in our interests - the odds of you finding something you actually want as opposed to a cookie jar covered in country ducks should be pretty good. Also - LESS KARENS.


DOPE. I’M IN - NOW WHAT DO I DO?  we are just getting this program off the ground - so in a couple of days we should have our first look at the shop - but in the meantime - use the form below to submit a photo and description of the item you'd like to put up for adoption and check back in a couple of days.

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