live interview with buck

This is the complete interview of Buck by August West on CJLY FM 95.3 in British Columbia Canada for the Live From the Archives Show that aired May 2, 2021.

Starting January 1st of 2021, Buck began a project to release a song a month, every month for all of 2021, with the understanding that each song would take a look at something of the time topically based on something happening in the news or broader culture the month it was written

Essentially, the interview is an in-depth breakdown of the TWENTYTWENTONE Song of the Month Project so far and contains complete versions of the first 5 songs of the series spanning from January to May.


An excellent deep-dive discussion into the project as well as the zeitgeist of the time and a great way to get caught up on the series so far.

You can also follow the series as it's written on YouTube.


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